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Dylan Sanchez

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The Strength at Home program can be used for the civilian, military, or Veteran population, and often satisfies court requirements for IPV intervention. The Strength at Home Couples program is primarily for military/Veteran couples who report relationship conflict or distress without recent physical IPV.

couple 1mp4

I use an RSS feed to pull together posts from various blogs across the internet that I find interesting. One of those is from Lolly Daskal. She usually posts interesting material, but it is often light on application. One of her more recent posts was titled: 10 Vital Traits to Look for in People You Hire. As you can imagine, the points she lists are accurate but too shallow to make an application. As a classroom activity, however, I could use this list in a couple of ways:

There are a couple of ways to encode video for Media Services. One is to encode it to target video streaming. When using one of the video streaming encoding Transforms, the audio is only put into one of the video files. This is to save space since streaming over Adaptive Streaming protocols like MPEG-DASH or HLS doesn't require file level access. If you plan on also downloading the content, then use one of the encoding transforms that copies audio into all of the video files. The 'ContentAwareEncoding' preset will add audio to each MP4 output file. The 'AdaptiveStreaming' preset will only include the audio in a single MP4 file. See -us/azure/media-services/latest/encode-content-aware-concept for more information.

The color scale is shown at the bottom of the image. This product is also experimental but should soon be available for AWIPS as well. In this version of the product there is a discrimination made between lower (water) clouds and higher (ice) clouds, adding additional information. This product is for use during the daytime hours, with the image for a couple of hours later showing some breaking up of the low clouds and fog in areas without snow cover but otherwise the low clouds and fog persisting, in fact through the day as shown in the GeoColor image for 2202 UTC.

ALSO - were you on a team that did not submit an entry? We're SUPES curious about what you've been working on. We're going to allow additional videos to be submitted during the next couple of weeks from anyone that has already registered while judging of these three goes on. If you post a link to a video demo of your IDEA (even if you didn't build it), you'll qualify to receive swag. 041b061a72


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