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Dylan Sanchez
Dylan Sanchez

Kokkoka Sastram Malayalam Pdf Download

This endeavor is highly appreciated. Which software is used for typing malayalam here, if i can practice and participate in this. The Thunchathezhuthachan e-bookseems to be not available to download. Can you please enable it.

kokkoka sastram malayalam pdf download

Sirs,I have gone through the converted pages of some of the books.I hear that the Malayalam University is converting the typeface to the old style where the joined characters are to be used as phonetic characters. Also the setting of old text to new typestyle is very cumbersome. It is also possible to find more proof readers for the texts if the old style of malayalam font is used. In fact we have been typesetting Malayalam text in old style for our publications for the last 15 years and we still use the same and the work speed is also not so difficult to achieve. In fact use of ISM and Srilipi could be suggested. The use of webfonts is cumbersome and when downloaded they may or may or maynot work.Please let me have your views.Easwaran 350c69d7ab


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