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Apex True Dbgrid Pro 6.0 Crack

Apex True DBGrid Pro 6.0: A Powerful Grid Component for Database Applications

Apex True DBGrid Pro 6.0 is a grid component that can be used in various development environments, such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, and C++Builder. It can also be used in unbound or storage mode with your own data source. Apex True DBGrid Pro 6.0 offers many features and benefits that make it an ideal choice for your database projects.

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Features of Apex True DBGrid Pro 6.0

  • It supports bound mode, where the grid is automatically populated with data from a database table or query, and unbound mode, where the grid is manually filled with data from any source.

  • It provides full support for data editing, adding, deleting, sorting, filtering, grouping, and printing.

  • It allows end-users to customize the grid's appearance and behavior, such as changing column widths, fonts, colors, alignments, formats, and captions.

  • It supports multiple lines per record, alternating row formats, hierarchical display of master-detail data, and split views of the same data.

  • It supports various data types, such as text, numeric, date, time, currency, boolean, memo, bitmap, and OLE object.

  • It supports various cell types, such as text box, combo box, check box, button, image, hyperlink, and custom control.

  • It supports various cell styles, such as 3D effects, borders, margins, word wrapping, ellipsis, and tooltips.

  • It supports various cell events, such as click, double-click, mouse-over, mouse-out, key-press, key-down, key-up, and validate.

  • It supports various grid events, such as scroll, resize, column-move, column-resize, column-click, column-double-click,

Benefits of Apex True DBGrid Pro 6.0

  • It saves development time and effort by handling the database interface for you. You can easily bind the grid to a data source and let it display and edit the data automatically.

  • It enhances user experience and satisfaction by providing a rich and interactive grid interface. Users can view and manipulate the data in a familiar and intuitive way.

  • It increases application performance and reliability by using optimized data access methods and memory management techniques. The grid can handle large amounts of data without compromising speed or stability.

  • It ensures application compatibility and portability by supporting various development platforms and database systems. The grid can work with any ActiveX-compliant development environment and any ODBC-compliant or ADO-compliant data source.


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