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Dylan Sanchez
Dylan Sanchez

The Vamps - Hair Too Long

The music video should have been talked about a lot more also. It saw a long list of celebrities within it including; Dynamo, Nina Nesbitt, Maisie Williams, and a very fresh-faced New Hope Club. And it looked so fun! We would have loved to have been a part of that day.

The Vamps - Hair Too Long

He advises that "fair-skinned people with blonde, brown or red hair should steer clear of going too dark and choose a warm shade". Try Lauder's Pure Colour Gloss Stick in Pomegranate Kiss, which Pan says "creates the illusion of a bitten lip". Very "True Blood".

After a few months of treatment, I bore more than a passing resemblance to Gollum from Lord of the Rings, if Gollum had retained water weight in his face and sported a Donald Trump comb-over. Early in my treatment, I bought organic baby shampoo and Nioxin in hopes of preserving as much as possible. When my hair clogged every brush in the house after my second treatment, I doubted their effectiveness.

My mom and dad are very complementary parents. My dad will not validate irrational thoughts, and urges me to move forward. My mom drags me forward. She was the one who coaxed me out of the house after my diagnosis and arranged our meeting with my school counselor. She was the one who convinced me to take a shower when I could no longer run a brush through my hair smoothly and scheduled my haircut the next day.

My cancer no longer felt worth magnifying. I wasted days dreading how my cancer could come to define me, when the extent to which it would consume my life was largely my choosing. My academics and social life were still in my control, and I would not allow myself to disregard that. 041b061a72


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