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Dylan Sanchez
Dylan Sanchez

[DOUGH 2X LUCK] Fruit Battlegrounds Script Ha...

Description: Everything in a large radius around where the user's mouse pointer is condensed into a black hole. This includes breakable objects, NPCs, and players. Anyone inside the black hole will be unable to do anything, just like someone trapped in awakened dough's C move. The black hole will slowly damage anyone inside and continue pulling in any new objects until the user releases the V key. Once this happens, the black hole will explode, sending everything flying and expanding that chunk of the map to how it used to be. A massive shockwave will also be released, which will also knock back and damage people and NPCs.

[DOUGH 2X LUCK] Fruit Battlegrounds Script Ha...


--> 80%+ Luck Meter: 50% chance to gain 30% more money from Treasure Chest(s) (Silver / Gold / Diamond), 50% chance for NPCs attacks to somehow miss, 35% chance for 2x less damage received, +10% damage reduction due to high luck, 10% chance to deal critical damage, and slightly increases chance to get rare fruits in Random Fruit Dealer.

[Passive] Special Paramecia: Players were able to stay immune even to haki punches when ken / observation haki is used, because players' body was made out of mochi / dough, they were able to change its shape such as making holes on one's body, thus making it untouchable by haki punches, of course they'll take damage when was hit by haki, but they won't take damage when they're not hit. This is called "Special Paramecia" because of its characteristics similar to both paramecia (not immune / touchable) and Elemental (able to change shape). Elemental type fruits (Elemental) or explosion-related attacks were still able to damage this fruit user, including when you are using skills with haki / enhancement turned on, but mere haki punches (left click / tap) won't damage this fruit's user 041b061a72


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