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Dylan Sanchez
Dylan Sanchez

Brandis Happy Ending

7. Remember, there is a difference between reacting and responding. If you want to make sure your holidays are happy, practice making a positive choice in the second between the two.

brandis happy ending

I was a single mom for 12 years. I thought I found a good guy. I am now 5 years divorced with 5.5 yr old twins. My oldest is grown and had been married 2 years. I occasionally dream of a Prince, a happy ending and a white picket fence - but the moments are quick and end in laughter. Lately I have been satisfied with Mr. Right Now. Maybe it will be one of those things that happen when you least expect it, and have given up any hope.

KindleSolo in the City (In the City Book 1) by Zola Joyce: In need of a few laughs, a little action, and a happy ending? Pick up Solo in the City, the first in a new series by award-winning author Zola Joyce. An opposites-attract romance between an unconventional girl raised off the grid and a 3rd-generation big-city cop. With a penchant for finding trouble and skirting the law, can she find true love? 041b061a72


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