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Which Paper Shredder Is The Best To Buy

In addition to the Amazon Basics six-sheet shredder we selected as our budget pick in 2019, we brought in six new paper shredders to test in 2021: three eight-sheet shredders and three 12-sheet shredders.

which paper shredder is the best to buy

Although this eight-sheet Amazon Basics shredder is larger and bulkier than shredders with pull-up tops, it still fits under standard-size desks, and the casters make it easy to wheel out for shredding and for emptying the bin. The pull-out wastebasket glides out and back in easily, which in our tests made shredding less of a chore than with eight-sheet shredders that had lift-up tops.

Similar to our budget pick, the Aurora AU870MA High-Security 8-Sheet Micro-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder has an inconvenient lift-up top. Its wastebasket also feels a bit flimsier than those of other shredders, and the design tapers slightly at the bottom, which makes it easier for this top-heavy device to topple. Finally, the shredding slot is slightly curved on the left side, which made feeding the shredder more difficult in our tests.

The Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder is one of the less expensive shredders available, but it produced paper shreds that were notably larger than those of all the other cross-cut shredders we tested. It also had one of the more difficult-to-lift top pieces, and it jammed more often than the other budget shredders we tried.

Paper shredders are devices for cutting up paper into thin strips or tiny particles. These machines are generally used to destroy sensitive documents, with some of the best shredders being able to shred credit cards, optical discs, and small metals like staples or paperclips too.

A top shredder can be an important part of the essential tools in the fight against identity theft. It will allow you to securely destroy sensitive documents quickly, easily, and efficiently and not have to give them any further worry. Also, realize that, unlike previous models from years ago, modern shredders are more compact, have a smaller footprint, shred the paper into smaller pieces, and are even quieter.

Surprisingly, global Google Trends shows that the search for paper shredders has been remarkably stable over the past 18 years, with a gentle decrease since the mid-2000s. This mild decrease is probably because a lot of paperwork, such as bank statements, invoices, and mail in general, has been migrating online, reducing the need for physical shredders.

However, realize that many shredders can do more than destroy paper. This includes the capability to shred other sensitive non-paper items such as a credit card or an optical disk like a CD-R (write once data CD). This paper shredder is a great addition to any home office, and even more so, keeping in mind that many shredders are now more affordable than ever.

Whether you need your shredder at your house for a home office or for a business that handles sensitive data, paper shredders are the perfect way to handle private information. We've collected the best ones here to help you find the one ideal for your needs, factoring functionality and value into the equation.

We compared these products across aspects like how many sheets they can shred at once, the types of materials they can shred (paper, credit cards, CDs, and metals like staples), shredding speed, and the noise at operation. Additionally, We looked at how easy the waste disposal was and how compact the shredders were, among other things.

One of the best things about this model is that it is 100% jam-proof, so you will never have to wrestle with it to pull out paper that has got stuck. It is actually designed to not reverse, but to increase the power to motor through. Along with paper, the shredder can destroy plastic cards, CDs, and can also handle paper clips and staples, which can enhance efficiency as they do not need to be removed as a separate step. It is also designed to handle junk mail, which is quite satisfying to put the entire intact envelope in and have it shred as a single step without the need to open and process each page separately.

This model features a jam protection system with autostart and autoreverse, which saves you from dealing with the frustration of paper jams, and its 17-liter pull-out bin, while not class-leading, is plenty sufficient. There's an overheat and overload protection technology to protect the shredder's blades and motor and extend its life. Not to mention, the low noise design presents a quiet and peaceful shredding experience.

This compact and affordable shredder can cut paper both lengthways and width ways, making it harder to read personal information once paper has been shredded. Its adequately sized 15-inch mesh bin stores plenty of waste, and you can shred up to 6 sheets at a time without worry of it overheating thanks to the automated overheating protection. The Robert Dyas 6-sheet shredder can shred credit cards too, but it struggles if the sheets are too thick.

The shredder has a two-minute shred cycle that then powers off to reset. It packs many of the regular features that you will find on a shredder, including auto shutdown, a reverse function for unblocking paper jams, and an access handle for easy transportation.

In the middle of shredder designs is the cross cut shredder. This type of model chops the paper into small strips, into about 200 pieces for a standard piece of paper for a P3 model. This is a more secure method of paper destruction, and far harder to reconstruct.

We tested various shredders to arrive at our choices for the best ones. We looked at various aspects of their design and functionality, starting with how swiftly they work through documents, how many sheets they can cut at the same time, and how long their running and cooling down times are.

Most paper shredders for home use are of the cross-cut variety, which means they use two sets of serrated blades, fitted in opposite directions to each other, to shred documents. The shredded pieces will be much smaller than the pieces produced by strip-cut shredders, which are (thankfully) few and far between these days.

A great choice for smaller home offices, this P4 shredder will shred six sheets of A4 paper at once, producing shreds measuring 4mm x 37mm, and will shred credit cards and paper clips too. Its low, squat shape means it will tuck neatly under desks, while features such as the safety lock and quiet operation mode make it ideal for family homes.

Hunting for the best paper shredder? These handy devices have all sorts of uses, providing you with a valuable way to protect yourself from identity theft and financial fraud. It's always better to err on the side of caution and shred important documents that you no longer need to prevent anyone from seeing your private information. Plus, if we're honest, shredding is pretty fun. There's something cathartic about it.

Paper shredders used to be big and bulky things, but these days are more compact and portable than ever. Don't worry about one taking up masses of space in your home or office; many of the best shredders are easy to tuck into a corner and keep out of the way. They'll also shred multiple sheets of paper at a time, and many can also handle thicker items like credit cards.

A good paper shredder can be a smart investment. It will help protect you, your business, or possibly your clients from identity theft and fraud by destroying documents with sensitive or confidential information, including pre-approved credit card offers, pay stubs, old tax forms, invoices, and any paperwork with your Social Security number.

At first glance, the quest to find the best paper shredder may seem as simple as purchasing the one that destroys the most paper in a single pass. But there are other factors that are equally important to keep in mind when making your selection:

There are seven security levels, ranging from P1 (lowest level) to P7 (highest level). Generally, each paper cut type is associated with particular security levels: strip-cuts are P1 or P2; cross-cuts, P3 or P4, and micro-cuts, P5 to P7. Those with higher security levels produce smaller paper particles but are also more expensive. For instance, a paper shredder with security level P7 could cost somewhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

Waste basket. A small waste bin can be an annoyance if you have to empty it frequently while shredding documents. Our recommendations feature larger bin capacities, ranging from 6 to 9 gallons. (Take into account that a waste bin can hold more particles when the shredder cuts paper into smaller pieces.)

Similarly, shredders have a maximum run-time. The run-time tells you how many minutes it can continuously shred paper before needing a timeout. Some units can run for about 20 minutes, while others can run for up to an hour or more.

The AmazonBasics 15-sheet paper shredder features a cross-cut blade design that allows it to destroy papers, credit cards, or CDs in two opposite directions, turning them into small confetti pieces. It meets P4 security level standards, which is ideal to shred documents that contain personal information like monthly bills or banking statements.

Do note that some reviewers complain that the shredder is loud, and that it works more slowly when confronted with thicker stacks of paper. This could become an inconvenience if you want to work at a fast pace.

The 79Ci has a convenient 6-gallon pull-out bin and can run for up to 20 minutes, with a 30-minute cool-down period. It comes with Fellowes' SafeSense technology, which immediately stops the unit when you touch the paper opening, so it's suitable for home offices where there are kids or pets.

Below, we've put together a handy guide to help you choose the best paper shredder for your needs, no matter how tight or generous your budget. If you already have an idea of what you want, we've also listed our pick of the best paper shredders a little further down the page. 041b061a72


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