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Dylan Sanchez
Dylan Sanchez

Ada Microcab Manual |VERIFIED|

On a more related subject, the reason they differ is that they are different devices. Before I expand upon that point, and aside from the possibility that you did not convert the patches from the 2.0 properly, ensure that you have the X3 set up for the correct method of output: direct to computer/desk/PA or the pre/power input of a combo/stack. The manual explains this.

Ada Microcab Manual


I cannot muster sympathy. It is your responsibility to research the similarities, differences, and other capabilities of something like the X3 before spending hundreds of pounds on it. There are plenty of videos, forums discussing both units alone and specifically in comparison, and of course the manuals and other official materials. There is no shortage of information to check before buying. By jumping in blind, you bring all the risks on yourself.


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