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Adiennadimuniyammaoldsongdownload: A Guide to Finding and Enjoying the Classic Tamil Song

If you are a fan of old Tamil songs, you might have heard of the song "Adi Ennadi Rakkamma" from the movie "Pattikada Pattanama". This song, sung by the legendary T.M. Soundararajan and composed by M.S. Viswanathan, is a catchy and lively number that features the lead actors Sivaji Ganesan and Jayalalitha in a rural setting. The song is about a man who praises his beloved's beauty and charm, and asks her to dance with him.

The song was released in 1972, and became an instant hit among the Tamil audience. It won the National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer for T.M. Soundararajan, and was also nominated for the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director for M.S. Viswanathan. The song is considered as one of the evergreen classics of Tamil cinema, and has been remixed and covered by many artists over the years.


If you want to listen to this song, you might be wondering how to find it online. The keyword "adiennadimuniyammaoldsongdownload" might seem like a random string of letters, but it is actually a phonetic transcription of the song's title in Tamil. By typing this keyword in a search engine, you can find various sources that offer the song for download or streaming.

How to Download or Stream the Song "Adi Ennadi Rakkamma"

There are many websites and platforms that offer the song "Adi Ennadi Rakkamma" for download or streaming. Here are some of the popular ones:

  • YouTube: YouTube is one of the most widely used platforms for watching videos online. You can find the official video of the song on [Mango Music Tamil], a channel that uploads classic Tamil songs. You can also find many other versions and remixes of the song by different artists on YouTube. You can watch the videos online, or download them using a YouTube downloader app or website.

  • Gaana: Gaana is one of the leading music streaming services in India. You can find the song on [Gaana], along with other songs from the movie "Pattikada Pattanama". You can listen to the song online, or download it using a Gaana subscription.

  • SoundCloud: SoundCloud is a platform that allows users to upload and share their own audio tracks. You can find a user-uploaded version of the song on [SoundCloud], along with other old Tamil songs. You can listen to the song online, or download it using a SoundCloud downloader app or website.

How to Enjoy the Song "Adi Ennadi Rakkamma"

Once you have downloaded or streamed the song "Adi Ennadi Rakkamma", you can enjoy it in many ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sing along: The song has simple and catchy lyrics that are easy to memorize and sing along. You can find the lyrics online, or use a karaoke app or website that provides them. You can also practice your Tamil pronunciation by singing along with the song.

  • Dance along: The song has a fast and upbeat tempo that makes you want to dance along with it. You can learn the steps from watching the video, or improvise your own moves. You can also invite your friends or family to join you in dancing along with the song.

  • Share with others: The song is a great way to share your love for old Tamil songs with others. You can play it at parties, gatherings, or events, and enjoy it with your guests. You can also share it on social media, or send it to your friends or relatives who might appreciate it.


The song "Adi Ennadi Rakkamma" from the movie "Pattikada Pattanama" is a classic Tamil song that has been loved by generations of listeners. By using the keyword "adiennadimuniyammaoldsongdownload", you can easily find and access the song online. You can also enjoy the song in various ways, such as singing along, dancing along, or sharing with others. The song is a timeless treasure of Tamil cinema, and a must-listen for any old Tamil song fan.


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