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Buy Blue Bell Ice Cream Online

By 1919, the Creamery was in financial trouble and considered closing its doors. The board of directors hired E.F. Kruse, a 23-year-old former schoolteacher, to take over the company on April 1, 1919. Kruse refused to accept a salary for his first few months in the position so that the company would not be placed in further debt.[8] Under his leadership, the company expanded its production of ice cream to the surrounding Brenham area and soon became profitable. At his suggestion, the company was renamed Blue Bell Creameries in 1930 after the Texas Bluebell, a wildflower native to Texas, and which like ice cream thrives during the summer.[5][7]

buy blue bell ice cream online

"I have half a tub of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla flavor ice cream left," the ad said, captured in a screenshot by reporter Jeff Paul. "No listeria (I ate the first half and i'm still here). I am willing to sample the blue bell in front of legitimate buyers (Legitimate meaning CASH in HAND). Please reply to posting Can't guarantee it for long......I might get hungry! Pics coming soon."

Belle made it online in 2018 with a blog, and the first post announced that she'd "been around Blue Bell for a very long time." It also mentioned all the Blue Bell commercials featuring cows, and the fact that Belle is a cow that sings and wears pearls in addition to being featured on all of the ice cream cartons. The blog didn't last, but like pretty much everything else on the internet, the words of Belle (or rather, the words of the marketing employee forced to write in the voice of a Jersey cow) live on.

Blue Bell was the target of a viral online prank in 2019 called the #IceCreamChallenge, where people filmed themselves licking ice cream and putting it back on grocery store shelves. The first instance happened to a half-gallon of tin roof at a Walmart in Lufkin, Texas, according to CNN. The woman posted the video on Twitter and it racked up more than 11 million views before local police caught her. Her name was never released because she was a juvenile at the time, but that didn't stop her from inspiring more people to do what Blue Bell called a "malicious act" that forced them to remove all of the containers of Tin Roof ice cream from the Lufkin Walmart.

In June 2022, a photograph that supposedly showed a toad in a sealed tub of Blue Bunny ice cream was widely circulated online. It was often shared as a product purchased at a Walmart, but we're skeptical of the entire claim:

This person, also in Dallas, was at least willing to put their own health on the line: "No listeria (I ate the first half and i'm still here). I am willing to sample the blue bell in front of legitimate buyers," the person says. They're also charging a mere $500 for the half-eaten tub: 041b061a72

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